Year 5 had a weekend of outdoor fun at East Barnby Outdoor Education Centre.  When we finally arrived – Mrs Mitchell didn’t choose the quickest route – we ate lunch as we listened to the plan for the weekend.  With Beck Scrambling, Canoeing and Orienteering on the agenda we knew there would be non-stop adventure.  First we had to get ourselves prepared – waterproofs and wellies!  We all looked very glamorous!

Beck Scrambling was just amazing! In and out of the water, under and over the rocks.  Across the river, in the river … wet,wet,wet!  Many of us braved the Loony  leap including the teachers though some said never again as they pulled themselves from the rather cold water.

After a shower and a trip to the drying room with our very wet clothes we had a delicious tea but made sure we left room for the tuck shop!  The evening was a great opportunity to spend time with our friends and we could choose  we wanted to do – table tennis, watch a movie or play a game with our friends. When we returned to our dorms, the girls dorm settled very quickly for a good nights sleep.

Breakfast at 8am and there were a few sleepy boys faces around the table!! It was important to have a good breakfast because we had a busy day ahead.  Canoeing down the River Esk into Whitby Harbour? Why not?!

What a fabulous experience! The sun shone and the paddles took us on a journey – sometimes along, sometimes from side to side and sometimes spinning down the Esk.  Teamwork, strength and stamina were essential skills and we all had plenty.  A seal popped his head up as we neared the harbour – he was curious to meet the children from Priory! Ice-cream in Whitby harbour was a well deserved treat before we headed back to the centre.

Bonfire, Bum sledging and board games filled our evening before both the boys and girls quickly settled for a good night of sleep.  Up, packed and ready for the final activity of Orienteering on the moors.  Our final energy reserves were used up as we read the maps to find the different destinations.

We all had a really memorable time away filled with loony leaps, laughter and outdoor adventure!

Mrs Mitchell has already booked ready for next year … Are you ready for a weekend of adventure Y4?!?!