Our Local Governing Body

Governors visit the school regularly to meet and talk to the children and staff. We have a Governors’ Day in school each term when they visit lessons, hold Pupil Discussions, undertake Work Scrutiny and meet with parents and teachers. They also attend events and assemblies at the school. This allows them to see how the school’s policies and plans are being put into place, how resources are used, and allows them to gather information and knowledge of the school.
Our governors are a diverse group of individuals representing the parents, school staff and the local community, with a broad range of skills and experiences. They all share a common goal to help the school develop and improve and, in doing so, to provide its children with the best education possible.
All governors are volunteers.
The Local Governing Body meets at least once a term. Governors attend training provided externally and also attend ‘in house’ LGB training each term. Our Chair, Rev. Stephen Whaley, also meets with the Chairs from the other YHCLT schools on a termly basis.

Governor Responsibilities

Every year the school produces a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which details the Key Priorities for improvement for the year and how these will be achieved.  The Governors work together with the staff to ensure these key priorities are achieved.  Three of the Governors work closely with the staff on the ‘Three Big Ideas’ which are three key pieces of improvement work which have been identified in the SIP.

Priory Primary School Local Governing Body

GovernorsRoleAppointed ByArea of Special InterestStart DateTerm
Stephen Whaley ChairPriory LGB12/03/134 years
Miss Lindsey Eddom Vice Chair Priory LGBCURRICULUM SEND & LAC 01/02/134 years
Mrs Jayne Russell Co- optedPriory LGB14/03/164 years
Mrs Tracey ParkinsonStaff GovernorPriory LGBSAFEGUARDING 23/05/144 years
Mrs Ann MatthewsStaff GovernorPriory LGBSEND and SAFEGUARDING19/05/154 years
Mrs Rachel ProctorParent GovernorPriory LGBEYFS 26/02/18
Mr Andrew FergusonParent GovernorPriory LGBPHONICS 26/02/18
Mrs Pauline BrownCommunityPriory LGB01/09/17
Mrs Kath RoeExecutive Head Teacher01/01/16
Mrs Julia MitchellHead of School
MembersMeetings Attended 2017/2018Meetings Attended 2018/2019
MembersMeetings Attended 2017/2018Meetings Attended 2018/2019
Mrs K Roe5/61/2
Mrs J Mitchell6/62/2
Mr S Whaley6/62/2
Miss L Eddom5/61/2
Mrs A Matthews4/62/2
Mrs T Parkinson6/61/2
Mrs J Russell5/62/2
Mr A Ferguson2/32/2
Mrs R Proctor3/32/2
Mrs P Brown3/42/2
Mrs M Murray5/6

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