Curriculum Statement


At Priory our curriculum meets statutory requirements and is customised, personalised and designed to build upon the experiences and backgrounds of our children. It recognises the disadvantage of our community and aims to provide children with the powerful knowledge, cultural capital and opportunities to ensure they will succeed in life; this promotes social justice for our children.

Our curriculum supports and promotes the culture, the climate and the ethos of our school and provides an appropriate balance of both academic and personal development for our children. Our curriculum is developed and ambitious, tailored to meet the needs of all groups of learners, and to ensure they are ready for their next stage of education. It addresses gaps caused by disadvantage in children’s knowledge, skills and life experiences ensuring all groups of children make good progress. It promotes their spiritual, moral and cultural development, whilst also promoting an understanding of the Cooperative and British Values.



The curriculum and teaching is organised and sequenced to support a growing depth of learning and understanding, ensuring progression of knowledge and skills across all year groups and subjects. Our curriculum engages, interests and inspires our children. Reading is prioritised. A rigorous and sequential approach to the teaching of reading develops our children’s fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading. A carefully planned progression of reading opportunities throughout our curriculum ensures that this essential skill is developed. Enabling the acquisition of knowledge and vocabulary and the love and recognition of the importance of being able and equipped with the skills to be a fluent reader is at the root of our curriculum.



The impact is outstanding outcomes in English, Mathematics, core and foundation subjects which has prepared our children for the next stage of their education. The breadth and balance ensures that our children are equipped with the life skills for this stage of their lives and gives them firm foundations to build upon to continue their learning journey. Our children will continue to learn throughout life with a growth mindset attitude, a love for learning and aspiration to be successful within and beyond their community.