On 7th December, staff, Year 4 pupils and their parents, together with experts from Open Futures in Cook It and Grow It, set about preparations for an afternoon tea, raffle and sale of Christmas enterprise goods to families and the local community. The morning was spent creating festive sweet and savoury edible goods including reindeer cakes and savoury scones, whilst in the garden, creative woodworking skills were underway, with the production of mini Christmas trees, wreaths and even ‘Rustic Rudolphs’, all made out of found garden objects. 

After a school lunch, we opened our doors to the local community and welcomed visitors to Afternoon tea festivities, opened by The Lord Mayor of Hull. 
We had a fantastic day! The children and their parents really enjoyed all the activities during the morning, and were able to see wood working skills too which they found very interesting. The parents helped us set up for the Afternoon Tea which was a huge success, with lots more family members joining us together with people from our local church and a group from the local sheltered housing. The children manned stalls selling their Christmas Crafts and edible treats which they were very proud of and those who won the beautiful wooden reindeer and snowmen were delighted! A great day all round and the support offered by John, Graham and Sandra from Open Futures was invaluable. The whole day was an absolute pleasure.
The work we are doing within the Open Futures programme is of huge benefit to our children, developing skills for life and having a very positive impact on their confidence and higher level thinking and reasoning skills. We believe this impacts positively on their outcomes right across the curriculum. If anyone would like to know more please do get in touch.